[MV] re: WW2 Jeep Manual Online

martyn horsfall (martyn.horsfall@imvs.sa.gov.au)
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 11:20:51 -0700

Hi List,

I have had a few messages asking for me to be more precise about how to
reach the scanned copy of the WW2 Jeep Manual on the web. I hope the steps
below will help. If not, then write to me.

1. Got to http://www.nara.gov
2. Under the section called Research Tools click on "NARA Archival
Information Locator (NAIL)"
3. Click "Search NAIL"
4. Type "jeep" in the 1st box marked "Enter terms"
5. A bit further down the page is a small box labelled "Only Descriptions
Linked to Digital Copies". Click the box to tick it
6. Click on the "Submit Search" button
7. This should then retrieve 30 records
8. Click on the "Display Results" button
9. Records 1-25 will appear.
10. Click on the "More Hits" button
11. Records 26-30 will appear.
12. Scroll down to number 30 and click the box at the extreme right of this
row to tick it (in the select column)
13. Click the "Display Selected Records" button
14. Click the link called "Thumbnails of online copies with links to larger
access files"
15. You can double click the images that appear to get a large image of
each double page spread from the jeep manual

Hope this helps,

South Australia

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