Re: [MV] Donation cars for 1998 MVPA convention.

Bob & Jeff Gallagher (
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 09:54:37 -1000

The only one that needs to be concerned is the guy with the tank. It's his
tank and if he wants to run over cars or refrigerators, what difference
does it make. It shouldn't take too much noodle power to figure out the
reason for Japanese and German cars is the symbolism. Here in America we
value our freedom above all else, even life itself and if you question that
visit a military graveyard sometime--a lot of dead men who fought to defend
our freedom from outside aggressors (Japan and Germany). My freedom of
speech is guaranteed the same as the freedom of speech for the idiot who
protests the government by burning the Stars and Strips. And if this guy
wants to run over foriegn metal in his tank, he is free to do so in this
country. We have become a world of over sensative zealots who are offended
by virtually everything. I am one of the offended, I am offended that
anyone would even question a man's right to smash whatever cars he wants
with his tank. The extent people will go to be "offended" is amazing.
What's next? Will you be offended that he isn't crushing a Black car too?

As for doing this at an MVPA event. That's up to the MVPA and we elect
officers to make those decisions. I'm addressing only the act of smashing
foriegn sheetmetal with a tank which people seem to have some problem with.

I am also offended by the hulk of the USS Arizona which sits at the bottom
of Pearl Harbor, full of dead American Sailors, not 3 miles from my home.
Yet I own a TV that was built by Mitsibishi, the same folks who built the
planes that sunk the Arizona. I would gladly watch this guy run over a
Japenese car with his tank. It doesn't mean I hate the Japanese. Running
over Japanese cars in a tank is NOT a hate crime, runnning over Japanese in
a tank is.

In summary: if you feel the need to be offended, be offended by the
Holocaust, not some guy who is running over German cars in his American
tank 50 years later.


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