[MV] nonmatching numbers

Todd and Audrey Hall (athall@flash.net)
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:21:35 -0600

Hello all
Recently there was some comment about how many MV serial numbers on the
vehicles title
does not match the number stamped on the frame. So I thought I give one
example of how
my truck is messed up or could have been. When I bought my truck it came
with a form 97
twenty years old. The truck is a REO M35. The form 97 showed it as a GMC.
Since I didn't
want to go through the hassle of getting a twenty year old document in
someone elses name
corrected. I figured I could live with the REO designated as a GMC.
When I went to the court house to get started with the title first of
all they needed a VIN
number inspection. My truck was in storage so the dispatcher sent a deputy
to do the inspection.
Since the truck isn't new I told the dispatcher were to find the serial
number. I got a paper
back which showed the serial number for a compressor which had once been on
the truck.
This number was on a data plate on the glove box. So I got it all redone
this time I was there
to show where to find the right number.
At the court house they couldn't find a listing for a 2 1/2 ton GMC to
get factory cost
so I got them to use factor cost for a 5 ton. Anyway now my truck is
titled in my name
and the serial number on the truck, data plate and title all match.

Now I also own another vehicle that I've had for about twenty years.
number on the title has no resemblance to the number on the frame. As far
as I know it was
first licensed by the original purchaser from the government. Now if
should ever sell this
vehicle to someone out of state or if I move to another state what kind of
hassle should I have to
put up with to get it licensed or the title to be transfered if sold?

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