[MV] Re: Advice Please

JOHN SEIDTS (john@astory.com)
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 14:25:44 -0000

Do it in person. If you can afford to buy these things, then you should be
able to afford to fly there, and personally supervise the loading. I
recommend getting a copy of Hemmings and calling a company directly. It
should cost about $500.00 to move a scoot from East to West coast.

> From: Bob_Maxey@mtn.3com.com
> To: Multiple recipients of list <indian@dorje.com>
> Subject: Advice Please
> Date: Tuesday, July 14, 1998 5:58 PM
> I have a general question for who ever would like to answer it. I am
> looking at 3 Indians: a Chief, a Military model and a Dispatch Tow. I am
> Utah, the bikes are out of state. How is the best way to arrange for
> whatever one I decide upon to be shipped to me?
> I also would like to know about paying for the bike. I read all the
> collector publications, the general magazines like Walnecks, and I am
> that occasionally, someone trusting like me sends a check and it, the
> and the person selling the item disappears. Any advice?
> If you respond, do so privately, unless this is a topic that might be of
> interest to other list members. Please, try to keep the horror stories to
> minimum - I have played them out in my head. For me, it is something I
> worry about.
> Cheers,
> Robert

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