[MV] Austin K6 wreck

tcb (tcb@hasher.demon.co.uk)
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 18:54:14 +0100

Hi List

This will probably only apply to UK members...

I have recently located the very sorry remains of an Austin K6 on a farm
near Milton Keynes - the farmer is happy to dispose of it to anyone that
wants it - however there's not a lot left...

Chassis, bottom half of cab, engine, radiator, front grill assy, wings,
gearbox, pedals, dashboard, axles and power train assy, wheels and tyres.

The vehicle was laid up about 15 years ago when the petrol pump stopped
working!!!!! - since then it has been outside under the sun (OK - I lie...
when is it ever sunny round here.)

If anyone is likely to want any bits, or the whole thing, email me....
though I cant imagine anyone would be crazy enough.

The farmer has a boxe from the vehicle, this is in really good condition and
has a paper label recording the box contents, it mentions fuzes, which with
the proximity of an arifield leaves me to believe that this vehicle may have
been an RAF Bomb tractor unit or similar - I believe the K6 was used for
this. Age probably around 1944/45.


Tim Bell

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