Re: [MV] '42 GPW tow bar
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 17:56:28 EDT

Yes, you might have an original tow bar for your GPW. They did use
a tube bumper that the tow bar attached to in a way that the tow bar
can be raised to lay against a block mounted on the grille. It should
have a lunette eye for hooking to a pintle hook.
I'm not too sure about the hood number. I think that Jeep numbers
all started with 20, indicating class of vehicle. There is a number on
the top of the left frame rail. It's been years since I viewed any, but
it's there between the grille and steering gear box. Probably under
lots of paint (hopefully) or rust. This will be the manufacturer's number,
not the hood number. Take a look at the engine number. You'll have
to move the oil filter assembly, if it has one, to see the numbers. Might
be the same number as the frame and engine.

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