Re: [MV] Training kit, pontoon bridge
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 13:14:15 EDT

I just got back from inspecting the kits. I found the tech manual in one
of the trunks and it helped me sort the stuff out. There are four trunks to
a kit. Three of the boxes contain rubber scale model pontoons, bridge
treads and cans of small hardware. Fourth trunk contains the metal boat,
anchors, a crane setup and a stubby"fishing rod" and reel that would
be used to tow stuff around. So neat! The scale is 1"=12", I think. The
manual is dated 1953. There is at least two complete kits. One box
has unwrapped pontoons. Yesterday, I thought I saw metal pontoons
or something from another kit. I didn't think about it till I got home and
never looked into that set. I appreciate the info being offered to me.

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