Re: [MV] Camo & WW2
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 21:19:02 EDT

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<< I have seen some pix if WW2 vehicles that were new in camo. I cannot
recall seeing any field pix of WW2 vehicles in camo. Does anyone know
specifcally of WW2 vehicles in that paint scheme, and what were the colors?
What vehicles and units and campaigns were they used in? >>
I can claim quite the opposite. I have never seen a photograph of a factory
new vehicle painted in a camoflage pattern in WWII. Most (if not all)
camoflage was painted by units and shops in the theaters where the vehicles
were used. very often the original shade of OD is retained as tha base color
ond one or two other colors are striped or splotched on depending on the
nature of the terrain in the area. Usually these colors would be black, or a
darker shade of OD, or a tan or brown shade in tropical areas. Sometimes a
lighter shade of OD would be added in very green areas.
And of course we have all seen vehicles and equipment being whitewashed for
winter campaigning. This whitewash was appearantly water soluable and probably
had to be reapplied fairly often. On the other hand this made it easy to
return the vehicles to their darker shades once the snow had melted.

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