[MV] M-37 Light switch from M-725 ?

Mike and Cheryl (mleaton@netins.net)
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 22:29:56 -0500

Have put about 50miles on M-37 since restart and everything
running fine. Just short hops.

The fire dept. that previously owned my MV cut the wires on
the 3 toggle light switch and replaced it with a pull switch. I
found one on a M-725 ( I think that is right number for M-715
ambulance) that is a parts vehicle. It looks to be the same
but I would like to know if it is the correct one and if not will
it fit. What does one normally sell for, or what is a reasonable
price for one with wiring connector and wire stubs.

Just a side note from someone who is reading and still reading
archives, be as specific as you can in subject area also list vehicle
type first (helps during sorting by subject). just my opinion

thanks from mleaton@netins.net
52 M-37 (if posted for sale, was by wife not mee!!! it's a keeper, may
trade wife though*just kidding*)

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