[MV] Re: M-37 Light switch from M-725 ?

Buzz (buzzm@reno.rmci.net)
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 15:20:41 GMT

An "M" series light switch is a standard part and will fit and
work in all M series vehicles.

---------------- snip -------------------------------
>The fire dept. that previously owned my MV cut the wires on
>the 3 toggle light switch and replaced it with a pull switch. I
>found one on a M-725 ( I think that is right number for M-715
>ambulance) that is a parts vehicle. It looks to be the same
>but I would like to know if it is the correct one and if not
will it fit. What does one normally sell for, or what is a
reasonable >price for one with wiring connector and wire stubs.

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