[MV] Beltring 98

Gordon.W.I. McMillan (gwim2@student.open.ac.uk)
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 10:33:53 +0100

Just a brief note say how good Beltring MV show was this last weekend.
Saw lots of old friends and met Lars with his jeep. Apologies to
anyone else I missed (Auke, Andreas ?) Weather and attendance both good.

Real jeeps were on sale from UKP 2900 up, some ex-Australia
jeep trailers and Ben-Hurs UKP 450
Dodge weapons carriers (ex-Norway) UKP 3000
GMC workshop trucks UKP 2750 (ex Swiss)
Diamond T wreckers UKP 3500
Kettenkrad (spelling?) was UKP 18,500 but quite neat
strangely Hotchkiss VLTT (jeep copies) were more expensive but weren't
selling (wonder why)
Lots of M-series trucks and M 880 Dodges but took no prices for them.
and almost anything else you wanted to buy in the way of jeep, Dodge,
GMC etc spares, books, deactivated weapons. (multiply by 1.6 for USD)

No M37s that I saw, only one Power Wagon and one M43, plenty of tidy
German stuff from Ketten up to (I think) a Famo semi-track chassis that
has had a pile of work done.
Definately be back next year for more spares, may even take the

Gordon 8-)

Highlight for me was Saturday evening when they put a Stalwart in the
river that passes the site and it got royally stuck trying to get out
again, took a big Leyland winch truck with a Unimog acting as ground
anchor before it would shift.

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