[MV] 270 GMC engine

Dr Deuce 264-0909 (keith@apache.ENET.dec.com)
Mon, 20 Jul 98 06:48:44 EDT

The GMC civilian (slightly militarised) 270 was used in the CCKW and DUKW. The
M135 and M211 used the military 302 which was a 270 bored? to the new
displacement. The block was cast slightly differently. Without modification, it
will not fit into a DUKW or CCKW. GM put a 'you bastard' do nothing boss into
the side of the engine where the CCKW/DUKW starter goes. You must grind this
useless boss off to use the engine in the older vehicles. The M135/M211 had
the starter motor mounted lower on the bellhousing. The water pump is
different. The generator is mounted on the wrong side and the carb
is quite different. The exhaust manifold went backwards one revision to that of
the CCKWX (the very 1st CCKW) as far as mounting flange bolts are concerned.

A MUCH better choice for a CCKW or DUKW is the civilian 302. It has 160 hp
versus 145 for the mil one and 104 for the original CCKW/DUKW 270. A chevrolet
261 is also a very good choice (if you can find one). It has a full flow oil
filter on it. (actually mounted to the intake manifold). It is slightly shorter
than the GMC 270. The bellhounsing bolts up the same.


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