Re: [MV] GAZ info

Andreas Mehlhorn (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 07:47:12 +0200 schrieb:
> List,
> I have a friend in England that asked me to post the following: "If anyon=
> has any photos. pictures or drawings of Soviet Russian or East German
> (before the wall came down), tactical signs or anything I can put on the
> GAZ, kindly contact me, Ces at CES"
> Thanks,
> Joe
Dear Joe,

when the vehicle was in charge at the Nationale Volksarmee of the former
German Democratic Republic, it must have a round sticker on each door.
The sticker is a circle, around 8" in diametre, showing a black, a red
and a yellow stripe. In the circle is also the coat of arms of the=20
GDR: Hammer and pair of compasses in a circle of ears.

These stickers are available NOS at around $ 3 each. If you are inter-
ested, I can forward some to you.

If the vehicle was in charge at the "West Group of the Red Army" (those
were the Russians garrisonned in East Germany), there were tri-coloured
circles of the same size and some russian letters on the doors.

Hope this helps.



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