Re: [MV] 6v to 12v conversion info
22 JUL 98 09:37:42 EDT

> Any good info out there on coverting an MB to 12v?....
> ....Parts list, bracket templete.....
> Paul Madden

>...they make one wire ver of that alt you don't need to messarould with
a ins wire to the alt that >way that one wire alt only needs one big
wire to the batt and that's it .....

If you use a 1 wire alternator I suggest running the wire through a cutoff
switch before the battery. This allows you to isolate the alternator when
not running. In some installations (and each is unique even on the same
model vehicle) when the engine is off the alternator will "reverse" the
flow of current and drain the battery. Not a normal thing but does happen
(personal experience taught me this lesson) and it a PAIN to do the install,
go where you want, and find the battery dead faaaaaaar from the barn when
you want to go home. If it drains long enough not even a jump will help,
the battery is just a write off.

Good Luck,
Dennis O'Connor
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