[MV] Forecast of events

Jim Webster (jimweb@SIMONIDES.PRESTEL.CO.UK)
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 19:31:00 +0100

Our website now has new 'Forecast of Events' page and could we ask
people who are aware of forthcoming military history related events [MV
shows, reactment events etc] that they post
details on it - you can do it yourself.

The page is at:


For those who are interested I think that it may be a better idea to
have one centralised page than
us all slaving away adding events individually at our own pages/sites.
If you would like to link your site to the page and have an up-to-date
[hopefully] forecast of events, then just add it and send me the URL to
your logo. I will then add the logo to the page colection. It will
probably be reduced in size if there is a large response. You will have
to put up with my background though for the moment until I can figure
out something neutral.

Honorary Secretary

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