Re: [MV] M715 - What lube to put in trany and xfer case ?

Dave Cole (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 14:14:26 -0400

One way to do it is to buy a suction gun, it looks like a grease gun
without the lever. It works like an oversize syringe. Holds about a pin=
Costs about $10. Just stick the hose in the container, pull back the
plunger, suck up about a pint, put the hose in the fill hole and inject i=
with the plunger. Its a bit easier than using quart bottles with the
nozzle, since I can never get the bottle above the fill hole.


>George Schmidt wrote:

> I'm planing to change the fluids in my recently acquired M715 but don't=

> know what to put back into the transmission and transfer case. Engine
> oil ?, gear oil ? what weight ? and how much of the stuff do I need ?
> Also, since this is an occasional use vehicle, I can afford to buy a
> good lube, maybe synthetic. Any suggestions ?
> And finally, I can see that gravity will help get the old oil out, but
> how do I get the new lubricate in ? My 'shop' is pretty primitive and
> I'll be working on the ground under the truck.

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