[MV] WTB: M-100 pintle

MR TIMOTHY R GLANCE (TGlance@prodigy.com)
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 21:58:16, -0500

I need a pintle for my M-100 1/4 ton trailer. I have all the mounts,
but the pintle has been cut and a ball hitch added. Is this the same
pintle as on the M-416 without surge brakes?
On a related note, has anyone ever thought of adding surge brakes to
a M-100? Will the M-416 parts fit? I am just going to use this
trailer for general hauling behind my Jeeps, and am not very worried
about originality because the back end was cut out and mutilated
before I got it.

See you at Tobyhanna!

Tim Glance
52 M-38
52 M-38A1
53 M-38A1 USMC
61 M-422A1 Mighty Mite
44 Navy Bomb Trailer MKIV
52 M-100 Trailer
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