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Date: Tuesday, June 30, 1998 10:41 PM
Subject: [MV] MB/GPW Spare Tire Carrier Info

>Hi List:
>I know, I know, more trivial MB/GPW questions...but I need some detail
>on spare tire carriers, please...
>1. When did the switch from three bolt to two bolt carrier take place?
>2. Beachwood and Sarafan catalogs imply that there is a "foot" which is
>associated with the two-bolt, but not the three. Could someone describe
>the foot? Is it supposed to support a majority of the weight of the
>tire/rim, and the disc really just keeps the wheel in place? Did they
>ever use the two-bolt spare carrier without the foot?
>3. Are the body mounting holes the same for the three bolt and two bolt
>4. Anyone have a decent three-bolt carrier they might want to exchange
>for a two-bolt in restored condition?
>Thanks in advance for the help.
>-Rob Root
> 1942 GPW

I have a completely original 1942 April 8th GPW and it has never been
altered in any way except the front bumper. Which is reversable.
The 3 bolt mount doesn't have a foot and IS the mount on our jeep....
also the bumperettes on this jeep are "upside down" compared to
pictures and shows... but it came that way and Im not going to change
it.... ... (when I say came that way I mean directly from FT Lewis in 1945
when my great uncle bought it with his veterans card).......

I have pictures of it in 1945 and it hasn't changed a bit... it also came
with a willy's motor from the ford factory... never been re-powered
at least the vehicle maintaince records did not indicate a new or different
engine.... and we have the complete list from birth til now.

Damon Lehr

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