[MV] Bantam Trailer

Ontrack Computers (ontrack@teleport.com)
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 23:58:33 -0700

I found an old trailer made by bantam the otherday.... and its 100%
complete down to the wiring plug in..... some old guy has it near here that
is the grounds keeper for a shcool and he pulls it with an old oliver
tractor.... cute set to see... anyway... I persuaded him to sell it
and now all I have to do is pick it up...... Does anyone need a
jeep trailer?? I didn't take the time to read the dates on the plate....
didn't want to look to interested.... I also didn't tell him I was a
military nut... but I bought it right and want to make a buck...

Everything is there... all plates... brake.... wires.. tires... green....
It even appears to have original saftey chains... unless they were bought 50
years ago new.

Damon Lehr

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