Re: [MV] Camo & WW2

Gordon.W.I. McMillan (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 09:07:48 +0100

Hi Damon, I meant manual photographs of the M29 s when new that showed
them in black and white camo. Every other factory photo or manual I've
seen for a US vehicle just shows O.D. in the manual illustrations -
anyone else know of any exceptions ?

If you buy any Weasel spares, parts for an M29C were finished in O.D. -
if it is painted white it was made for an M29. Barry Beaudry's Weasel
Restorer list is the place to ask for them now, few left here in
Scotland and not that many more in the rest of the UK. Norwegian
supply low as well with most of the sales going to Holland (as all four
of mine eventually did)

The ususal word of warning, the most original Weasel in the world is
worth no more than the value of the tracks that are on it, no-one has
yet remanufactured track bands, and without usable tracks the whole
thing is an ornament ! There was only one at Beltring, and the tracks
on that were well worn - it stood about most of the time.


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