Re: [MV] 6v to 12v conversion info

Dave Cole (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 08:57:34 -0400

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>The dash mounted idiot light that connects to the alternator is part of
the regulation circuit. If you want the alternator to regulate properly,
use the GM idiot light OR insert a 2 or 3 ohm 10Watt resistor in place
of the light.(mounting it on the firewall works OK. Doing what you
previously suggested about jumping the BATT termial can cause the
alternator to put out full amperage all the time and drastically shorten
battery and alternator life.

>>>> Aha, I never thought of that. I thought the shorting trick was a b=
of a hack. Perhaps the farmers couldn't find a place to put an idiot lig=
on the tractor dash. ??? The resistor could actually be a bit larger th=
that if it is to simulate a dash light, correct? Then again perhaps it=

is ok if this alternator cranks out more juice at lower speeds, the
alternator probably doesn't spin more than 2500 rpm due to the slow engin=
speed and the size of the belt pulleys.


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