Re: [MV] Generator?

Edward Greeley (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 15:22:39 -0500

Hello Damon,

There were several variations on that theme over the years. It would
help in identifying the use of the generator if you could find the type
designator on it, i.e.: PE-xxx or PU-xxx. The "xxx" representing two or
three digits which are part of the type designation. PE-xxx being the
earlier units with the old Signal Corps type designation, while PU-xxx
would be later model units with the Joint Army-Navy designation.

Some models similar to yours produce all the various DC voltages needed
to directly power a particular radio set with which the particular
generator was designed to be used. There were other models which
produced 120 volts AC, 60 Hz (cycles), "plain old housepower." I had one
of those years ago which had a capacity of 300-350 watts; it was
intended to power a teletype machine in the field.

The gas cap you described is intended to be used as a measuring device
for the oil to be added to the fuel. If I remember correctly, the
instruction plate on the unit I had specified one cap full of SAE 30 per
tank of gas. Mixing was accomplished by physically rocking the whole
unit so as to slosh the fuel mixture around in the tank. Obviously, it
would be much easier to use a separate gas can!

If the brown ceramic plug (actually a receptacle, I imagine) on your
unit has more than two or three contacts (connector pin sockets) then it
is almost certainly a DC-output unit used to power a radio set, in which
case - BE CAREFUL! - some of those units put out up to 500 volts for
powering the radio transmitter. 500 volts will knock your socks off!

Ed Greeley
Mobile, AL

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