[MV] Saving Private Ryan

Rick Green (rgreen@mail.datasys.net)
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 00:03:26 -0700

I just got back from seeing this movie for the second time, first time
was free due to the display, 3 of the local members including me put on
at the movie. We had a jeep and a wide varity of weapons and equipment
used in the conflict. Also we were in period uniform, I was a 2nd Lt.
and my friend was a Sgt. I recieved several Lt jokes from people but
they where all in good fun. the most interesting part of the day was
when a old vet came up to us and showed us this card he had, I believe
he was in the 35th Pioneer. He was in the first wave to hit Omaha
beach, under his command where 48 men, in five hours of combat his unit
was reduced to 11 including him. He talked with us for a few mins and
let us know that he really appreciated what we were doing. My friend
Tom and Clifford, went to see the first showing of the movie while I
guarded the stuff, little did I know that during the movie the vet was
sitting right behind the other club members. When my friend came back
from the movie, they told me that the vet sobbed during the beach
landing part and most of the movie. He said that it was just like
beening there again. The realism of the first 30 mins is unreal.

The second time was with my grandfather, he was a Navy Medical Corps in
the 3rd Marine Div. He said that the wounds and injuries in the movie
where very real looking, it brought back memories of his service in

I have never been in military service, but would like to extend a
thanks to all those who have served.

As far as the vehicles are concerned, it was flawless. There where few
mistakes made that I noticed, one was the Bud Combat wheels in the last
town,(appears to be WC63 rear end or other 6x6) how did they get
there??? Season in Iowa is wrong, should be green in June, not a fall

Jason "The Austringer" Green

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