Re: [MV] M62 Wrecker
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 10:17:26 EDT

If the boom doesn't swivel it's broken. The M62 has an Austin-Western boom
that is supposed to rotate 360 degrees if you remove the stops which limit the
travel to 270 degrees. The stops keep you from smacking the cab. The M62s are
not as desirable as the M543 (military designed boom) and later wreckers
because the M62 has a single lifting ram and a funky rotating mechanism prone
to breakage.
I've found the M62 a perfectly good machine. Many people think they are
indestructible "tank retrievers" and promply destroy them. If you understand
the trucks limitations it will give you years of service. Don't pay more than
$10k for a nice one especially if its still gas.
Jeff Symanski
Tactical Tactical
Virginia USA

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