[MV] (MV) Dodge WC-52 for sale

Tue, 28 Jul 1998 00:38:43 +0200

Good condition, good runner, participated in Normandy '94, ex Norwegian
loads and loads of spare parts, including extra mil.overhauled motor
with all the trimmings, second serviceable motor, new gearbox, fueltank,
extra clutches, 2 axles (front), new canvas, electricals, carburetors,
brakes, 4 complete extra wheels, extra brake drums, etc., etc., etc.
Will sell the vehicle and all the parts as one lot for
GBP. 7000,- free arrival Felixstowe, UK port
USD. 10000,- free arrival US main port
Will arrange shipment in 40' seafreight container.
Full details, pictures, and complete listing of all parts available by
or call David Hammond on (0047) 22 60 61 71 (Oslo, Norway) and talk to
me. Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Look forward to receiving lots of enquiries and that the Dodge goes to
good home.

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