[MV] Really, Really, Early GPWs

Sun, 26 Jul 1998 22:37:10 EDT

In a message dated 98-07-25 03:28:51 EDT, ontrack@teleport.com writes:

<< I have pictures of it in 1945 and it hasn't changed a bit... it also came
with a willy's motor from the ford factory >>
Does this motor have a GPW serial number stamped into it? If so what is that
serial number (or an approximation of it if you don't want to give out the
whole thing)? I have
a GPW with an approximate serial number of 4 and am anxious to compile as much
info as I can about the very earliest GPWs. Thanks.
PS If this "Willys" motor does have a GPW number stamped into it could you
also check to see if that number includes the stars that were commonly used on
frame stampings as well.

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