[MV] M38 carburettor parts?

Carin Cronander (carin@finken.flyg.kth.se)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 09:17:00 +0200

Hi List!

A friend of mine is restoring an M38 (not an A1, just a
plain M38), and is having trouble finding some parts.
In particular, some carb parts...
He had an unfortunate mishap a while ago, involving an
engine stand, gravity, a concrete floor and the carb:
The stand, with the complete engine mounted on it turned
over and everything landed on top of the carb.
To sum things up, he now needs the upper and lower thirds
of the carb. The former is bent, the latter is broken...
If I'm not mistaken, the upper third is the one containing
the choke valve, while the lower third contains the throttle

Does anyone know of someone who might sell just these two
parts?? My friend's budget is not quite, in the foreseeable
future, up to buying a complete carb (not after buying most
of the one that was mounted anyway...) in good condition
(like from Beachwood for example).

Any suggestions?


Best regards and thank you all for many enjoyable reads!!!
Carin Cronander
Stockholm, Sweden

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