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Now: What is a BURMA Jeep?

A Burma Jeep is in fact not a Jeep at all. It is a 1-1/2 Ton cargo or bomb
service truck built by Ford. The Ford designation was GTB. They
primarily saw action with the US Navy and USMC, however, the US
Army did use a small amount.

It is typically not listed in US Army Standard Catalog of Vehicles. It was
not considered Standard nor Limited Standard. It is listed in Standard
Catalog of U.S. Military Vehicles, 1940-1965 by Thomas Berndt?
Published by Motorbooks. Hardback 272 pages, ISBN 0873412230.

The vehicle is a very stub nosed creature. The engine is located along
side the drive. The passenger's seat is a folding unit which faces the
driver rather than forward. The cargo bed is conventional box bed with
bows and canvas. It has a single dual axle in the rear with slight
wheelwells provided in the box bed. Bomb service trucks had seperate
fenders. Additionally, bomb service trucks did not have front wheel
drive capability. They shared the front axle, but for bomb service, the
drive shaft, ring and pinion were deleted and replaced with a cap on the
differential housing. Wheel/tires were 7.50x20 split rings.

Hope this helps. My friend here in town has one restored and three he is
working on. Three cargo and one bomb service.

Jim Rice
Lawton, Oklahoma USA

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