Re: [MV] Exrra bit

Steven P. Allen (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 14:37:35 -0500

- anyone else have any MV injuries ? (hopefully not too
>> > serious) Gordon

Well, let's see.

When I bought my M416, it was bent. That is, one side of it was pushed in
considerably; the opposite side was pushed out, and the frame was twisted.

The guy I bought it from (I actually spent a coupla weeks doing odd jobs for
it) enthusiastically told me he'd help me "fix it." Well, the day after I
"paid it off," he and I moved it next to a tree and he backed his back-hoe
over to it and used the hydraulic arm to force the sides back into place.
While that was happening, we were both popping the sheet metal with sledges
and prying with bars and timbers in an attempt to keeping the teeth on the
bucket from tearing the sides or creating bulges.

Not something that you'd expect from your local body shop, to be sure.

Anyway, in the process, one of my fingers, a pry bar, and the back-hoe
disagreed over which would occupy a certain point in space. The back-hoe
won. My finger lost (forutnately, it didn't get lost in the process).


The frame is still twisted: the left front and right rear corners are
higher than the other two. Can anyone give my any advice (short of a
back-hoe) about how to fix that?

Steve Allen

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