[MV] MV's

King (landy@netpointer.com)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 17:26:14 -0700

>>Interesting story in the paper the other day.The Canadian government is
>>being pressured by those guy's that would give a fish more rights than a
>>person to clean up the north.The CDN government has asked the US government
>>for money and help to clean up all the wrecks and vehicles left up north
>>from during and after WW2 when the pipe lines and airstrips were made.Most
>>of this stuff is along the Alaskan highway and farther inland along the
>>Canol trail.Now try to figure this out-they don't want anything removed
>>farther in on the Canol trail because now it is considered 'history'and
>>part of the decor.But the stuff else where is a pollution hazard and
>>therefore must be removed.There are lots of dueces and jeeps out there and
>>if it gets 'cleaned up' then you know what will happen.Good potential for
>>parts as well.You'd have to check some of the laws and what can and can not
>>be taken but I think 'WE' the MV collecters group should have first
>>one else know more about this situation?Any one interested in making an
>>exploratory trip to the area?

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