[MV] Light switch

Douglas Greville (dgrev@apollo.ruralnet.net.au)
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 18:17:29 +0930


Is there a name or a common designation for the 3 lever light
switch that is used on most of the "M" series vehicles, say 1960's

One of the levers acts as a lock release so that one of the other
levers can be used to switch the normal lights on. Otherwise you
can only use blackout lighting. By memory the 3rd lever works
the instrument lights.

The type I am after has a sealed OD metal body with a receptacle
in the back for a large "Canon brand" style plug. The body is
oval shaped.

I have tried to obtain one of these by using the NSN number, but
the suppliers don't use NSN numbers and therefore don't know what
I mean.

Parts book call-up is:
MS 51113-1
Switch, Light, Toggle.


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