[MV] Halftrack Gas/tank problem

Cliff Dahl (wrcc@rapidnet.com)
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:15:44 -0600

Last year I installed a NOS gas tank in my M2A1 halftrack. Unlike the
original one that I took out, this one did not have the heavy bullet
sealing rubber compound surrounding it. Since regular gas is not
available around here, I use unleaded gas and add a lead additive with a
stabilizer included. Everything was fine for a couple of parades that I
ran the vehicle in last Fall. A week ago, I started up the vehicle, and it
started missing and acted like it was out of gas. When I checked the tank
I discovered it was half full of a yellowish/black gel. This stuff has the
consistency of warm putty and I am at a loss at what may have happened and
how to get the stuff out of the tank.
It is not the quality or problem with the gas, due to the fact that the
other tank was filled at the same time and has no problems.
Was there a preserative that was used in new tanks that should have been
washed out?
Any help/ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Cliff Dahl
1942 M2A1 halftrack (half-gassed)
1952 M38A1 jeep
1952 M211 (3) duece
1953 M135 duece

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