[MV] M211/M135 transmission fix

Cliff Dahl (wrcc@rapidnet.com)
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:47:30 -0600

While I love dueces, I sure can cuss them real good when something goes
wrong. About 2 months ago I drove my 52 M211 across town to tow another
M211 back to my storage area. The M211 that I was driving had a NOS engine
that I installed last summer along with a rebuilt transmission installed at
the same time. I had filled the tranny with non-detergent straight weight
oil as specified by the TM. This truck had only 15-20 miles on it since
the installation and everything was working fine.
I hooked onto the M211 that I was going to tow and had gone about 1/4 mile,
and just as I got into heavy traffic, the tranny just quit. No reverse, no
forward in either low or high range. Now I sit in middle of traffic with
two big monsters that my 3/4 ton Ford 4X4 "chase" vehicle can't even move
too good. Lucky for me, a guy with a BIG front end loader comes along and
moves them, one at a time, for me off to the side of the road. I got the
"towed" truck running and used that to haul my rebuilt one home.
Anyway, to the tranny part. I contacted a guy who used to work on these
trannys, and he had me check oil pressure which verified that I had a
problem. Oil pressure would be present for only 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
This indicated the pump was working, but not correctly. I tried a new
pressure regulator which did not solve the problem. This guy told me to
drain all oil (3 places in these trannys) and refill with Dextron II and
add 1/2 pint of WD40. I tried and at first I had a little pressure, but
not near enough. I let sit overnight and tried again and the problem was
solved. Great pressure and everything working again.

Sorry this got so long, guess I'm just excited that I don't have to pull
the tranny.

Cliff Dahl

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