Re: [MV] And on a lighter note.

F. Brian Mead (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 13:16:07 -0400

>Let's turn this around and ask what is the silliest / funniest / weirdest
thing that ever happened to you all on the MV front ?

Hmmm, being that I live in Georgia, (U.S.)...
You may be a MV redneck if you take the cinderblock front step off of your
barn to prop up a non-running MB, so you can take the semi-inflated tires
to go pick up another non-running GPW.
Worst part was, as I was towing it across my neighbor's field to get to my
barn, it broke free & nearly rear-ended the vehicle we were using to tow
the jeep - my wife's 1969 GMC truck which she refers to as "the queen",
luckily the GPW just rolled to a stop in a low spot of the field.

Note: next paragraph is a joke based on the condition of my GPW...
If anyone is interested in restoring their jeep as a mid 1970s hunting
buggy, I will not be needing the PINTO engine that is in my GPW. You can
take that boring old authentically restored MB/GPW and make a really cool
conversion to drive around in the woods with your drinking buddies. All
you gotta do is cut out a section of the tub (near the hinge for the
hood)to fit the carb, cut a hole in your hood & add a scoop for the carb to
poke thru the hood, and drop in the engine. I even have the correct bell
housing to run the original transmission to the Pinto engine. Another
"kewl" modification you can do to authenticate the vehicle as a hunting
buggy is: put the gas tank where the back seat was, that way you can store
your guns & beer for hunting in the gas tank well.

Brian Mead
'44 MB
'4? GPW

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