[MV] Ferret hull access

Ken Fieth (kfieth@waldo.nashv.lib.tn.us)
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 15:20:35 -0500

Gentlemen of the List,

My Ferret Mark2/3 has a broken gear in the RR bevel box. The gear was a welded
repair and apparently the weld broke. I was in 2WD, having taken the front
drive shafts out to prevent wind up. The strain on teh RR weld was toogreat
and I broke the Bevel Heel and Pinion or the Ring gear and Pinion (US).

Ihave two questions:

1. Any ideas on where to find this part? I have calls in to Lionheart,
Marcus Glenn, Budge, etc.. Most sell only the bevel box, not interior parts.

2. Could I just reweld this and put the front shafts back? I intend to do
that anyway and perhaps with all wheels pulling, the weld will hold. Since you
must take the engine out to get to this box, I want to be sure whatever I do
will hold for a veyr long time.

In a related matter:

My mechanic wants to cut additional access holes in the bottom of the hull. He
wants to cut an oblong hole near the transmission and near the front access
holes. I don't intent to sell this vehicle.

At the present, I am in a quandry. Access holes would make repair much easier,
but might diminish the value. Also, the hull would no longer be in its
original configuration.

What say ye?

Thanks for your help and assistance,

Ken Fieth
Nashville, TN

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