[MV] Encore 151

Wed, 29 Jul 1998 21:49:41 EDT

Hey everyone. A local Navistar/Hummer dealer here in Boise just received its
first shipment of two(2) Encore 151 replica jeeps. I told him about the guy
in Canada who bought one but it wouldn't meet safety standards in Canada.
This dealer said here in Idaho and most of the US you can buy the Encore and
have it titled a 1974 model year vehicle. It can be apparently because they
use a 1974 powerpack in order to bypass 1998 emissions standards. I asked
this guy how much they are going for, he told me with the fording kit, heater,
and destination charge, $22,995 not including sales tax. Isn't Encore selling
them for $13,995? Anyone know if the guy in Canada still has his for sale?

Jason Rose

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