[MV] Re: And on a lighter note.

Wed, 29 Jul 1998 22:45:01 EDT

About the dumdest thing that I ever did was to try to show off a little with
my DUKW when launching it. I was at a boat launch ramp / picknick area on a
nice hot summer day and had several hundred onlookers that were wondering what
I was going to do with that big "thing". To give them a good show I decided
to hit the water a little fast (I was a lot younger and a lot stupider then).
Unfortunatley the boat ramp was very steep, the water was very deep, and I
didn't bother to put up the front surf plate. You guessed it, the DUKW went
down and down and down. At one point I could actually look out the front
windshield and all that I could see was water, just like the viewing port in a
small submarine. Luckly, this only lasted for a very short time and only a
"few thousand gallons" of water poured in around the sides of the windshield
before the nose of the DUKW slowly started to come up from under the surface
of the water. When the nose finally broke the surface of the water it looked
like a submarine surfacing at full speed.

All of the spectators thought that I put on a good show but they never knew
how close I had actually come to "Parking" the DUKW on the bottom of the

"That which we survive makes us stronger."

Bill Mesmer
Wilson, NY

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