[MV] Jeeps in crates

Rod Diery (rod@rocketship.com)
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 14:19:59 +0800

I can't help but add a story here. For many years, a story circulated
around the members of the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical
Engineers (RAEME) that one of the sports playing fields at the RAEME
Training Centre at Bandiana in Victoria was built on brand new Jeeps and
WLA Harley Davidsons in their crates.

The story persisted for years although the grounds had been thoroughly
searched many times with some very sophisticated mine detectors. Finally in
about 1985 I think, the then CO of RAEME Training Centre got sick of these
rumours and authorised some engineers to drill a series of test holes in
the grounds during some resurfacing work. Naturally they came up with
absolutely nothing and the oval looked a lot like a swiss cheese. But that
didn't kill the story. It was related to me again at a RAEME reunion I
attended only a few months ago.

Incidently though, there are some real treasures to be found at the centre
or at least there were about 6 or 7 years ago . There is an area there used
for training recovery mechanics that used to have at least 2 M3 Grant (one
diesel, 1 radial petrol) tanks, a pair of Centurion tanks, a couple of T17
Staghounds and a Canadian Lynx scout car. Once during a course there I was
the weekend Duty NCO there when a civilian security guard there discovered
a bloke trying to pinch the sponson gun out of one of the Grants. I had to
detain him until the civilian police came to collect him. It turned out
that he was a regular visitor to a mental hospital in nearby Albury and
wanted the gun to prevent the men in white coats from coming to take him
away so often. I sure did have an interesting half hour waiting with him
for the police to arrive.


Rod Diery
Kulin, Western Australia


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