[MV] M151 Bodies

Eugene Pantano (snoshu@market1.com)
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 09:57:47 -0600

Dear list..there was an article in Military Vehicles about 151 bodies in
Pueblo, Colorado. A gentleman (87 years old) named Red is supposed to have
them. Well, Red has no bodies or parts. They all belong to Bob Corlett, his
phone number is 719-561-2140. Bob has about 15 very restorable 151 bodies.
There are no parts. Only a stack of front seats. Red would like to get his
hands around the kids neck who placed the ad without his knowledge.
Remember guys and gals..never advertise someone elses stuff without their
permission. I have lots of engines and transmissions for the 151 series
vehicles. Gene (Colorado Springs)

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