Mark Masse (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 13:26:45 -0700

Does anyone know a place that stocks Mile-Marker/Selectro Hubs for the M715
series trucks?


At the Weare, NH rally, there was a small convoy of M715s and 725s that
showed up while I was looking around. Most of them had front locking hubs.
I'm not sure of the maker of the hubs. I was a bit pressed for time, but
managed to ask them, among other things, where they got the hubs. Well,
turns out that one of the guys in their convoy (who was off doing something
else at the moment) sells them. I never did get to talk to the gent, 'cause
I had to go. It probably wouldn't be hard to figure out who he is, and how
to contact him, though.

DrDeuce, the Secretary of the Merrimack Valley Military Collectors would
probably know who I'm talking about. The gentelman who sells the locking
hubs was with the convoy that included the hard-top, orange M715 that used
to be in service with the Troy, NH Fire Department. Lives in Keene, NH, I
believe. Anyone from the N. E. know who I'm referring to?

--Mark Masse
1967 Kaiser M715

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