[MV] m135s/211s

Thu, 30 Jul 1998 18:50:44 EDT

Thanks to all who responded to my questions about the muffler and paint. I
am constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge on this list .The
transmissionfix/fluid thread is very interesting. My m135 has a painted
placard on the tranny fill hole "use only sae 30wt " My truck came from a fire
dept and was other wise well cared for runs well . could using this wt oil be
causing a problem or could it represent a fire depts mechanics attempted
solution to a problem which I might not be aware of yet? I've been driving it
routinly for 4 years now and havent had any problems except that it does seem
to shift in to 4th rather prematurly .BTW are there still sources for rebuilt
trannys out there and if so how much would one expect to pay for a quality
one? It would be nice to have an extra. come to think of it maybe I should
just get a spare truck! Just have to convince my wife.
Thanks again
Tony stephas
Eastern WA.

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