[MV] M38A1 Oil filters

Richard Van Hoomissen (rvanhoo@IBM.net)
Fri, 01 Jan 1999 00:30:43 -0800

There were apparently 2 different oil filters used. The larger was held
by two straps and was a "military standard". The one that came with
mine is of the latter size but is held by a one strap clamp attached
a piece of angle bolted to up side of the right front cornor of engine
block, the angle formed so as to miss the radiator hose flange. I want
to know if this one clamp was homemade? And what the relative merits of
the different filters were.
Because of the angle used to support was added to top of the block
apparently the installer wacked the rear leg of the lifting hook so he
could he set the front leg on the angle. If I have figured this
correctly, what would I need to get back to original configuration with
the two strap "standard military filter", if that is the better program.
Or the smaller unit if it is better. Richard

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