Re: [MV] M-151 Roll-overs

jonathon (
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 10:17:44 -0600

>My, first experience with the mutts was back in Aug of 1984.
>I had just joined the Texas Army National Guard (TXARNG) 49th AD. One month
>before this accident. I was an E-2 at the time and I was invited to go do a
>recruiting show at my high school that I had just graduated from. So, I joined
>the E-3 (PFC) that was driving the M151A1 (mutt).

(remainder deleted)

My sypathies but is not the above (M151A1) part of the problem. Did not
the -A2 have a radically different rear suspension? Trailing arms (like the
M422) v.s. swing axles (of Corvair fame)????? The DOT(NHTSA) refused to
make any distinction between M151 and -A1 and the later -A2 (as well as
other similar variants. I might also add that they refused to supply ANY
rollover test data on ANYTHING Mutt's or civy's. I had wanted to make a
comparison between say the Suzuki Samari (which was in the hot seat at the
time) and the Mutt. They refused, totally refused, to send me data or
discuss the issue. This to me says that there was little technical merrit
to their case.


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