Re: [MV] Crap in this forum

James Burrill (
03 Jan 1999 17:29:35 -0600

SInce your reply was to the whole list instead of the individual who
sent the post on the G.I. Joes and their Toy MV's, I will reply here

Lighten up!

Even the MVPA magazine and Military Vehicles magazine gave coverage to
model Jeeps and other toy MV's. Granted, the fellow was enthusiastic
about finding toy MVs in the big, original G.I. Joe scale, but hey,
what the hell? That's his joy of this HOBBY.

I am 44 and a career Navy vet. I was a kid when the first G.I. Joes
came out, and the biggist Christmas I remember was getting the Jeep
and trailer with the recoiless rifle and spotlight. That influence was
part of what made me think kindly of the military (among other things)
when Viet Nam came around and I went and enlisted.

I don't see the list turning into a G.I.Joe collector list by seeing a
few posting on the toy MVs.

If you had such a problem with his post, why didn't you just send him
a private email, and there would have been a lot less flames about it.

Jim Burrill
42 CMP C-15A
42 Ford Mk1 Carrier

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