Re: [MV] Crap in this forum
Sun, 3 Jan 1999 19:14:21 EST

In a message dated 1/3/99 2:23:14 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< This is the type of crap that should not be allowed in this forum!!!!
When I was a kid I loved to play with army stuff, including the big GI Joe.
Believe me, it helped start an enthusiasm for MVs that continues to this day.
(4 MB/GPWs and an M715)
I am elated that they are going to release some similar stuff so that my young
son will be able to enjoy the same kind of fun that I did. And maybe he will
then lust after a(many) full sized MV(s) like I did. (I'm prepared for
that--'43 GPW)
Transformers, Beanies, and Gobots just don't cut it.
Kids need heroes.

So lighten up. I'm gonna buy the stuff, too.
I just wish I could go back to 8 years old to play with it!

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