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OConnor, Dennis (DOconnor@SIKORSKY.COM)
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Subject: [MV] MB Roll Bar
I am considering installing a roll bar and seat belts in my 1945 MB. Does
anyone have any suggestions for the installation? I know this is a taboo
subject, but I do intend to do some off-road driving and have been upside
down more than a couple times before. Mounting points, tubing size and
thickness, etc. are what I am interested in.

Safety is never a taboo subject. While I may not agree with your choice
of MB it's your jeep, you can do whatever the h**l floats your boat, and I
commend you for being wise enough to ask. I'd recommend 1.75" diameter,
.095" wall thickness tubing. It can be either Cold Rolled Electric Weld
(CREW) or Hot Roll Electric Weld (HREW) but CREW is cheaper and more than
beefy enough. This is the majority of race car cages these days, works great
when installed properly, and is easily available from any number of
suppliers that serve racers. I can give you a good dealer that will UPS if
you need it.
Mounted to the frame or plates depends on you but gusset it well either
way, use cross bracing in the corners, and think in triangles because that
is what makes things rigid. For the bolts on seatbelts or roll bar plates be
sure to think worst case at all times, overcompensate and you'll be fine. By
this I mean large washers (2" dia. min.) or back up plates on either side of
sheetmetal because when stressed (when you need it most) unsupported bolts
will tear out of the sheetmetal and be less than useless, they become
dangerous. Also, think of what will happen to part you secure things to...
for example; bolting a seat belt to a seat frame that isn't secured itself
is not worth the effort because the whole thing will just fall out with you!
(and probably hurt you in the process). Just general things here but I can
be more specific offline including drawings if you like so as not to
bore/offend the list.
To preempt any comment about "helping Dave is as bad as doing it
yourself"...I'd rather help him if he's going to do it and know he's safer;
instead of hanging back and hear later he got hurt for lack of a decent
installation and materials. To Each His Own, Caveat Emptor, Damn the
Mudholes Full Speed Ahead!

Happy New Year Everyone,
Dennis O'Connor
MB/GPW/M201/WC12 etc.

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