[MV] Fw: show times for "machines that won the war"

Brent McClearen (brent@multipro.com)
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 21:57:08 -0600

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>Machines that Won the War
>Machines that Won the War
>In WWII, for the first time ever, machines dominated the battlefield. None
>of them were weapons. Shortly after the success of the Allied Forces,
>General Dwight D. Eisenhower attributed the victory to the skill, tenacity,
>and superiority of the troups and four machines. This film illustrates
>played by the 2.5-ton truck, the DUKW landing craft, the bulldozer and the
>C-47 airplane.
>Air Time(s) Eastern/Pacific Time:
>DSC - 04 Jan 1999 - 10:00 PM
>DSC - 04 Jan 1999 - 01:00 AM
>DSC - 10 Jan 1999 - 01:00 PM

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