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dvsww2 (
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 08:59:49 -0700

Jim, It is indeed sad as I guess that there would be little left of a Mutt
after being hit. If you had one that moved it would be a bit of a
challenge.. There are a number of officers such as Jim who have a feeling
for history and I hope by posting this he doesn't get in trouble in anyway.
I know what a couple of 1919A4's and a Ma Deuce can do to a Plymouth
Horizan as we killed one our last MG shoot. After the fire, there wasn't
much left. One guy I know has a scrap business and a car crusher and he
had the contract of cleaning up one of the AirForce Training ranges they
were closing in Nevada a couple of years back. There was a compound of
maybe 100 MV's slated for target practice that hadn't been used. some
would run, others not. They used a really nice M37 that ran like a watch
as their truck to drag the unrunning stuff to the crusher, and bid fond
farwell to it as the last MV crushed. Broke his heart it was so nice. At
the time I had an M715 and needed some parts and the inspection was so
tight they weighed the scrap at the sight and at the scrap furnace at
Nu-Core in Northern Utah (they make fence posts and rebar) had to jive.
Hey, he couldn't even get me a straight bumper and switch if for my bent
one with the security they had. . Thanks, Howard Wright, 1945 GPW, 1942
MBT, 1976 M886.----------
> From: Jim Rice <>
> To: Military Vehicles List <>
> Subject: [MV] A Sad Day
> Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 8:20 PM
> Fellow MVers,
> I am Battalion Executive Officer (XO) for an Active Duty Field Artillery
> unit at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. My unit is responsible for firing for
> training new soldiers (both enlisted and officer) in observed fire
> procedures (adjusting fire). An additional part of that responsiblity
> is to maintain sufficient targets in the impact area for the student to
> be able to readily find and fire upon. Today, I had to task one our
> Lieutenants to place another 50 M151A2s in the impact area to meet the
> demand for targets.
> When we begin the undertaking in the next few weeks, I will try to take
> some photos of the jeeps prior to their final convoy. I possible, I
> will also try to get some photos of some that have been fired at during
> training.
> Sorry to ruin everyone's day, but I thought I ought to share what is
> going on with the M151s at Fort Sill and other posts around the country.
> Jim Rice
> Lawton, Oklahoma
> '42 International M-3L-4 1-1/2 Ton Truck
> '43 Ford GPW with '50 M-100 Trailer
> '67 Ford M-151A1 (still looking for an M-416 trailer)
> ===
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