[MV] Civilian Targets

Sean Bathrick (Bathrick@imcchemicals.com)
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 18:45:01 -0600

One of my jobs while on active duty was to make sure that the range for =
aerial gunnery had targets and once a year clean up the scrap. Some of =
the targets were M-Series trucks and armored vehicles, but more often than =
not, it was the flightline refueling truck (civilian type) that cost too =
much to fix, or the 10 ton semi-tractor that was in a roll-over, even old =
trash dumpsters. Most of what we put out for the F-15E's to hit was junk =
and worth nothing. Even the M-Series stuff before we put it out there was =
stripped of just about everything usable to the maintenance shop. I had a =
chance to go onto the .50 cal and Mark 19 range at Pendleton to have a =
little fun. The targets we were shooting at were 2 M-60 tanks and an =
Otter, I forget the M-number. According to the range officer, all the =
stuff was getting hauled off because of EPA cleanup efforts. They were =
subsituting large bails of cotton-type material. He thought it was the =
most moronic thing that the government had done yet. Not only were they =
unrealistic targets, but when hit with a Mk 19 grenade they turned the =
area into an instant cotton field and they had to replace it and cleanup =
what mess they could when everything was over. Just my 2 cents.
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