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Wed, 06 Jan 1999 23:40:30 -0800 (Daniel F Bever) wrote:

> I was in a surplus store the other day and found a militay field
> telephone unit. The model number on the side was EE- 8 -Bg and it also
> had a crank of some sort that folded down on the side. I couldn't find
> any dates on it so I was wondering if anyone might know when this would
> have been used by the military.

The EE-8 was used during WW-II, I believe. I don't know exactly whn it
entered service, or when it started to get phased out by its successor
(the TA-43/PT, which was in turn replaced by the TA-312/PT, which was
in turn replaced by the TA-838/PT, and so forth... with many other
phones thrown in just to keep things confusing).

I don't know about the EE-8, but the TA-43/PT, TA-312/PT and TA-838/PT
can be used on 'modern' phone lines as a regular phone. An external
dialer (like one of those hand-held DTMF keypads they used to make
when rotary phones were still common) must be used with the TA-43. An
add-on DTMF keypad (the TA-955/PT) was made which can be attached to
the TA-312/PT (I use this setup as one of my phones). The TA-838/PT
has a built-in DTMF keypad.

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